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Writers Wanted!

by Captain Havok

Thatís right! Llama Comics & Toys is looking for writers of comic book reviews, action figure reviews, and general columns of interest in those categories. We donít just want any wacky Bendis wannabees writing blogs on our site, thatís what the forums are for. We want skilled writers with a clear, informed, though somewhat humorous voice to provide regular content for this site.

Neophyte Period

New writers enter into the neophyte period, where all your submissions are looked over by Llama Comics & Toys staff before being posted to the site. Neophyte periods differ for different writing sections. Upon completion of the neophyte period, you will be a full writer and your submissions will immediately post to the site. This period also allows Llama Comics & Toys to ensure you can stick to your deadlines. Becoming a full writer for Llama Comics & Toys will also gain you access to privileged areas of the website! (coming soon!)

Comic Book Reviews

Weíve noticed a sad lack of timely comic book reviews on the web. There are plenty of spoilers out there, even reviews the week after a book is out, but no reliable reviews that can be out while the book is still on the shelf. We want to put out reviews every Friday, only two days after the book comes out. We want fair and impartial reviewing of story, dialogue, interior art, cover art, and action. We are but two geeks who cannot handle every comic book and our Webcomic, so here is your chance to get your opinions out there!

To apply, please email submissions@llamacomics.com with a list of titles (no more than 6) that you are willing to commit to as well as reviews for the latest issues of those titles. DO NOT apply unless you can and will write a review for every issue of that title by the Friday after the book hits the shelves. This is to include special issues such as annuals and Secret Files, but does not include mini-series spin-offs. Please ensure the email is titled: ďComic Review Application.Ē Neophyte period is four months.

Action Figure Reviews

There are two types of action figure reviews: Figure Announcement Reviews and Figure Release Reviews. Single figures may only be reviewed as such if they are released that way. To apply, please submit your review to submissions@llamacomics.com. When a figure or figure line is announced on the web or a convention, these reviews are on a first submit, first post basis. These reviews will be as detailed as possible based upon the existing pictures. A link to the announcing website must be included or Photobucket (or equivalent) links to pictures from a convention. Proper citation for photographs must be presented with the submission.

Figure Release Reviews are figures-in-hand reviews. These are based on calling dibs in the forum for the Figure Announcement Review. The Llama Comics & Toys staff will designate reviewers based on those forums, so no squabbling. The individual writing the announcement review has first dibs on the release so long as it is stated in the submission. Calling dibs on a Figure Release Review is a commitment to buy those figures and write the review promptly upon the release of the figures. Neophyte status is six figures or figure line reviews.


This is the catchall, the highest visibility and the most freedom to write. Columns can be anything under the sun, whether a running article or varying subject, this is the main page of Llama Comics & Toys and the heart of the website. (Crossoville is the soul, brother!) You set the schedule, whether it is three times a week or once a month. Set your schedule and stick to it, thatís all we ask. These columns can be about anything pertinent to Llama Comics & Toys. Neophyte status is two months or eight articles; whichever comes first. Extra articles in addition to your schedule will not count toward full writer status.

Anyone wishing to write anything not already taken may do so at any time by submitting your piece to submissions@llamacomics.com. We donít want to discourage those who have one great article idea or those who cannot maintain a writing schedule in addition to their busy lives. Our busy lives are why we need your help.

If something comes up, which somethings do inevitably come up, and you are unable to make a deadline or must miss a review that you are committed to, we ask that you first try finding another writer on the site to fill in. If that avenue comes up empty or you have any other problems, please let us know at submissions@llamacomics.com. Be sure to put the word URGENT in the subject line.

Llama Comics & Toys will not be paying writers at this time. We are, however, working on incentive programs for regular writers and are taking suggestions for these programs. We are also working on press credentials to provide regular writers in case they attend a convention and would like to provide content such as interviews from those conventions. By submitting writing to Llama Comics & Toys, you are entering into a joint ownership of the writing. Llama Comics & Toys will not publish or repost your work on any other site or publication without your express permission. If you would like to publish or repost your work somewhere else, please reference Llama Comics & Toys as the originating publisher with either a clickable link (online) or a MLA format citation (print).

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