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Batman: The Killing Joke

Figure Announcement Review

by: Captain Havok

MSRP: $34.99

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Batman: The Killing Joke was written in 1988 by the legendary Alan Moore and illustrated by Brian Bolland. This story elevated The Joker from one of Batman's more ludicrous rogues to the frightening arch-nemesis he is today. It climaxes with Joker shooting and paralyzing Batgirl, an event that eventually leads to the creation of Oracle. This DC Direct package is scheduled for a June 2008 release and features the pictured figures and a prestige format printing of Batman: The Killing Joke.


Both these figures are based on the iconic art of Brian Bolland used in the book itself. This rendition gives us the constipated old man look with shiny boots. The cowl is a pointier, more grim version than most and the cape is an over the shoulder look with great cloth detailing and the rarely used “pointy shoulders” used by some artists on Batman. It uses the classic blue and gray with a very bland gold utility belt. It features the old school black bat on gold oval Batman symbol. The one point that bothers me is the different paint look used for the boots and gloves as opposed to the underoos and cape. The feet and hands are covered in a glossy finish, though they would look better if they matched the matte finish of the other blue sections. Like most DC Direct figures, more attention is spent on appearance in a single pose than articulation and playability. All joints are streamlined and often limiting. Unless you live and breath Bollland's art or The Killing Joke, pass on this Batman and go find either the Jim Lee or Kia Asamiya.

Rating: 3/5


If you're looking for an iconic Joker look to sit between your Batman and your Mr. Freeze, then keep looking. This is a great sculpt but it is a very specific look to The Killing Joke. Joker is in his Hawaiian shirt, eggplant shorts, gloves, and matching fedora. Though one is not pictured, here's hoping he'll come with a camera accessory to match the cover. Sans accessories, this figure is lacking and will raise more eyebrows from your friends than compliments. Personally, I think my other figures would start wondering about Joker's sexual orientation with all that leg showing and those San Francisco shorts. If he comes with a camera and the tan trenchcoat, I'll give him an extra point, otherwise...

Rating: 2/5


There are no pictures of the packaging but it is listed as a 4-color window box. The kicker? It comes with that prestige format printing of Batman: The Killing Joke, a must have/must read for all Batman fans, fans of Alan Moore, or fans of comics in general. You can bet Crossoville will be buying this set for the Joker jokes alone.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

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